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Welcome to LAUNCHfn's  'Access to Capital System' TM

For over a decade, our team of Capital Consultants have successfully coached and prepared entrepreneurs to obtain the financing and capital they need to start up, and accellerate growth. We pride ourselves on our innovative approach, expertise and long-term performance history that has proven to increase the likelihood of funding because we don't just know who has the money in today's market, we know what will be needed to qualify for it.

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LAUNCHfn's 'Access to Capital System'™ offers a proven system for entrepreneurs to connect with early stage venture capital and small business investors through our extensive suite of venture capital consulting services. LAUNCHfn has a great track record of advising companies to be successful in obtaining seed stage financing to start up and early stage capital to grow. The strategic advisors at LAUNCHfn know how to put a capital strategy in place that will map to a company's business strategy. Our clients attract more early stage capital from small business investors,angel investor groups and venture captial firms, more quickly than those companies that don't seek the cutting edge industry knowledge and business finance acumin we offer. Whether they are seeking seed capital to start their business, angel investor capital to get them over the hump and profitable, alternate financing to help with a big order or to fulfill a pipeline of business, or raising venture capital and institutional finance to expand their business, they have just one place turn to: LAUNCHfn.