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We Want to Be Your Venture Catalyst

As experienced and successful venture catalysts, Kugarand Capital Holdings, uses the programs within the LAUNCHfn Access to Capital System to take the guess work out of where to find the capital you need to launch and grow your business. Working as your strategic capital adviser, we develop a road map to guide you to your goal - getting funded. We offer strategic services that  position your company for sustainable and scalable growth.  With our vast network of early stage funding sources that include a large network private capital angel investors, numerous institutional small business investors (Venture Capital firms, PIPE), and a large variety of debt financing sources, and our deep experience, we are adept at creating an integrated business funding plan and the strategy to execute.  Whether you are at the seed stage and need to raise your start-up capital, preparing to present to an angel group in an angel investor network, raising venture capital or seeking growth expansion capital under a REG D 506c or REG A+, we have a program that will fit your time schedule and budget.  The capital advisors at Kugarand Capital Holdings know how to put a capital strategy in place to map to a company's strategic plan and we have resources to implement the capital strategy---and the testimonies to prove it. . 

The sooner we get started the sooner we can begin help you get the results you seek.  CLICK HERE To sign up for a free initial consultation.  You'll share your experiences thus far, where you want to go, and Karen Rands, the Compassionate Capitalist, will share her ideas on tactics you can use and whether or not we can help you. 

Please note:  After your free initial consultation, all of our engagements begin with our assessment of your business plan, financial forecast and pitch deck.  Fee for that service will be applied to any future engagement to prepare you for investment, capital strategy and gaining access to capital. 

  Our Access to Capital Programs:

click the "FOR" subhead to get more details on each program 

For Services For Startups, Seed Stage & Pre-Revenue Companies:

If you have not yet created a minimum viable product, and have no customers, you are in the most difficult period for raising capital.  It can feel very discouraging when you have a passion and a belief that your product or service can make a difference in the world and no one else seems to 'get it'.  We can help.   

For Companies wanting to Raise Capital "From the Crowd":

With the regulatory changes mandated by the JOBS Act of 2012 and the rules and guidelines issued by the SEC, there are so many ways for companies to raise capital from investors not previously known to them.  Entrepreneurs have the ability to reach out to any and all interested parties via just about any means to attract them to their investment opportunity and directly solicit their investment depending on the status of that investor.   We offer strategy and investor relations programs for companies seeking to raise capital through: Intrastate Solicitation, Crowd Funding, Reg D 506c and Reg A+.   Let us help determine if Crowd Financing is right for you and which program best fits your stage and capital need. 

For Companies with 2 years of Revenues and are Cash Flow positive, raising $2 Million or More:

Congratulations!  You have reached a milestone that many companies never get to.  You have probably been working hard and steady, investing every dollar back into your business.  You may have realized that you could grow faster and bigger if you had extra money to invest in your infrastructure, sales team, or bring a new product to market.  The idea of giving up equity after all your hard work may seem scary, and worse, you really don't have time to mess with it.  We have the solution for you.  Because of our vast network of many different types of capital, we can put together a strategy that may use crowd funding, or direct to specific types of investors, or may utilize other alternative financing programs you are not even aware of that combined can meet your specific needs.   

For Companies Raising Capital to pay for National Advertising and Media to support a Branding Campaign or National Rollout: 

If you have determined that limiting your marketing strategy to social media and internet advertising isn't reaching your target like you want and you need to back up your roll out with an advertising campaign to drive customers into a store or to pick up the phone and call, you need to learn about our Media Funding Program.  With our strategic partner we offer a discounted advertising program available on a variety of traditional media from print ads to billboards to television and non-traditional like product placement and digital signage in mass transit and malls. And, even better, part of the cost of the program is paid for on the back end through revenue and/or equity. 

For Companies in High Growth Mode Seeking Short Term Capital: 

You may have found yourself in a situation where you finally landed that big client and now you are wondering how you are going to finance the order, buy the inventory, or pay your employees while you wait for the customer to pay.  Although we can help with SBA financing, we have many more alternative lenders that we work with that offer  a variety of programs to finance a company's growth.   Let us help you navigate the many types of debt available and help you apply to get that funding. 


The descriptions offered here are intended to be a guide to the options that are available to the entrepreneurs that recognize they need an experienced expert team to help them solve their cash crunch and growth capital problem.  We become an extension of your team so you can focus on what you do best... your business.  As we talk through their current capital needs, we will tailor the above program to meet both your funding needs and budget.  We charge a fee for our services.  We NEVER collect a commission, but we do occasionally defer some our fees in a shared risk model. 

Our real strength is knowing how the investors think and what makes them take action.   We will use our deep experience in investor relations to work on your behalf so you can be the 'rock star' as you build your business.  

Who engages/Kugarand Capital Holdings (LAUNCHfn) for a Capital Strategy and Investor Relations?  

1. Companies that are in the early stage raising capital only from investors in their state as authorized via intrastate crowdfunding rules.

2.  Companies that are established with growing revenues but have found through their own efforts that they are too late stage for most angel investor clubs, too slow growth or wrong industry for venture capital firms, and too small for private equity funds, and because of their continued focus on generating revenue, realize they need to outsource their investor relations and capital raise efforts.

3.  Companies that have over 200 investors from prior capital raises and have the business stage and model appropriate for a Direct Public offering through a REG A+  

4.  Companies that don't want to waste time figuring out how to raise capital, the just want to get access to the capital. 

5.  Companies in rapid growth pattern that realize that don't want to give up equity to pay for inventory, equipment or advertising.  

If you have an interest in an investor relations campaign, then please schedule an appointment with Karen Rands:  Schedule an Appointment   (in the comment section indicate you want to talk about an investor relations program)



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