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NBAI Innovative Investor Member Meeting
"Where Innovative Companies Connect
with Small Business Investors and Early Stage Capital"

This is Atlanta's Premier Angel Group Meeting for
Small Business Investors and Venture Capital Firms. 
Introducing America's Next Generation of Successful Entrepreneurs and Emerging Growth Companies in technology, bio-med, and consumer goods and more.

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This exclusive gathering of active angel investors, early stage capital fund managers, venture capitalists, small business investors, capital investor, and private equity investment firms; can provide a highly effective and prestigious setting for your company to deliver its vision to an audience of well-qualified capital sources.  If you are not yet funded and want to accelerate the process, this could be an ideal opportunity. As only a limited number of Presenter slots are available, it is recommended that companies apply as soon as possible.

The investor venue created at this forum can significantly reduce your cost of finding capital as well as the time necessary to raise it, particularly in this current market with fewer active players and tougher investment criteria.

We've taken the guesswork out of it and help you to overcome the three most difficult challenges of the entrepreneur:

1) Identifying qualified capital investors,
2) Gaining credible introductions to early stage venture capital investors and
3) Meeting small business investors under favorable circumstances.

Moreover, the event drives the single most important factor in getting funded quickly, that is ability to create contemporaneous interest among investors, which can also serve to significantly improve deal terms.  
To assist in evaluating the program, review Portfolio Companies and Actual Investments, where you can also view the forum's successes. LAUNCHfn offers a variety of venture capital consulting services packages that will meet your budget needs and tailored to the amount of access to small business investors you need to kick start or complete your funding round. To learn more about all of these programs to help you find angel investors and augment your raising venture capital, please click here: LAUNCHfn Services

$34 Million

George Ishee
Entrepreneur speaks about our events.

As a qualified presenter, your benefits include: 

Introductions to (NBAI) Network of Business Angels & Investors community.


Presentations are held in a private meeting room.


Eight to Ten minute investor presentation held in a closed door ball room  


Five minute questions & answers with investors.


Option to be interviewed on the Compassionate Capitalist radio show, before or after the event to promote your involvement and help create a "buzz" about your company and products in the market.

     Answer questions from the Investor Feedback Session.


Receive complimentary event passes.


Speak directly to qualified early stage capital, small business investors, fund managers, investor representatives, early stage venture capital, and accredited investors before, during and following the event at the reception.

Hear what investors and entrepreneurs are saying about the NBAI Investor Forum, click here.

Make your presentation count with these 

Bonus #1

"The Gold is in the follow-up."  Option to come back to future events, provide a two minute company update, and network with investors priced according to the initial package purchased, usually less than $300. 

Bonus #2

Insider presentation tips and skills with the complimentary LAUNCHfn Oral Presentation Guide.


Bonus #3

Private presentation coaching session on your presentation for the event.


Bonus #4

Company investor profile posted on our website for 90 days.  Investors can review your opportunity at the Portfolio Companies tab on our website or by google searching. 


Bonus #5

One page investor profile of your company placed in the investor event guide and on LAUNCHfns website. During and after the event, investors will review your one page profile in the event guide and the website to get a 'snap shot' of your company's overall offering. 


Bonus #6

Receive an investor feedback evaluation report on your presentation.  Find out what investors think about your presentation.

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The NBAI Private Equity Investor Forum highlights both early stage and emerging growth investment opportunities from through out the United States.  This event is unique because of its target to bring together early stage companies and small business investors and capital sources.   The market for angel investors and early stage venture capital is on the rebound and we are excited to take the forefront in bringing these communities together to create an environment Where Innovative Companies Connect with Small Business Investors and Early Stage Capital.  


Our forums are exclusive invitation-only events designed to assemble a select group of business visionaries, entrepreneurs, angel investors, small business investors, accredited investors, sophisticated investment professionals, money managers, fund managers, and and early stage capital funding sources. . 
Guests at the NBAI Innovative Investor Meeting will see up to 3-4 early and emerging growth companies raising venture capital and seeking to find angel investors.  These companies, featuring new breakthrough technologies and innovative business models, have been pre-screened with our business plan review process to address the "common sense" criteria of value, proof of concept, proprietary edge, competitive advantage and potential for success. 

With only a few openings available for our event, find out if you qualify by completing a funding application.

I'm Ready to Meet with Small Business Investors: Apply Now >>

"Thank you ...for arranging for me to meet with ...potential investors"

Thank you very much for working with me on our business arrangement and for arranging for me to meet with such wonderful potential small business investors. Erik Walker, Founder Nu-Energy

"...I recommend companies in early stage or, high growth companies who would need funding."

I have known Karen Rands, President of LAUNCHfn for last three years. Her company helps early stage companies get funding, starting with the business plan review process.  Some of my clients got their funding through LAUNCHfn and I recommend early stage or high growth companies who are seeking to find angel investors and early stage venture capital. Sanjib Mohapatro, Owner, EMTechPro, Inc., Consultant to Network of Business Angels and Investors

"Through her efforts coordinating her deep stable of contacts, putting people with money in the room with those looking for it, she's making it happen!!!"

Karen is an energetic, enthusiastic "go-getter." She's tremendously persistence and visionary. It takes a great deal of magic to put deals together. Through her efforts coordinating her deep stable of contacts, putting capital investors with money in the room with those looking for it, she's making it happen!!! Mike Skrynecki, Wealth Manager,

"Thanks Karen. You really have the formula for success for entrepreneurs from the prep work to the follow up after the event!"

Your firm provides more thorough investor feedback then I got from the the last two venture forum I paid really big bucks to be involved. I will send each investor the ES and presentation and schedule a time to speak personally with those that requested to do so. Thanks for creating such a rich environment for me to tell my story. David Gardner, VenueGen,


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Actual Investments
Since 1994, companies who have presented at the NBAI Innovative Investor Group have received more than
 $43 Million in funding from these investors and the extended network that LAUNCHfn represents.  Companies that have engaged to participate in LAUNCHfn's Access to Capital System, have gone on to raise over $150 Million and create more than 200 jobs during their early stage of growth.  NBAI has been called one of the most active angel groups in the southeast and was recently named one of the top 50 angel investor networks by Inc Magazine.  Even in a down economy, the NBAI small business investor community remained active with 5 investments in 2009, follow on investments in 2010 and deals in active negotiations during the current year.  For details on companies funded through our organization, click here.

Listen To Messages
From Attendees About The Investor Forum
Video from the NBAI Private Equity Investor Forum  More


Michael Horten
Horten CC
Advisor, Attorney, & Investor


Troy Young
Financial Planning Advisory Service
Investor Representative


Jonathan Bragdon


Vince Coyner
Video Almanac
Founder & President


Take a sneak peek at what our events are like...
watch this brief video compilation from past events.



More Photos from Event

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This is an invitation only event.
Only accredited investors, early stage capital,  small business investors, angel investor networks, capital investors, angel groups, early stage venture capital firms, investor representatives, and strategic partners with LAUNCHfn are allowed to attend the event.  

Presentations are 8-10 minutes with 5 minutes of Questions & Answers.  The questions can be tough, so being prepared with information such as your valuation, share offerings, and contracts. We review your investor presentation prior to the event to ensure your message is clear and concise.  During the presentations, we ask each investor to give us valuable information on your presentation and what type of additional information and contact they would like to get concerning your company.

Investors are contacted through calls and emails about upcoming events and programs.  We host events in a presentation room and provide a reception with food and drinks.  The angel investor network, the Network of Business Angels and Investors (NBAI) is comprised of accredited investors, sophisticated investors, angel investors, equity acquirers, investor representatives, wealth managers, angel group fund managers, institutional fund representatives, small business investors, executives seeking opportunities to invest and get involved in companies, early stage venture capital firms, capital investors and community development funds.

Additional programs
give companies exposure to early stage capital,  small business investors, angel investor networks, capital investors, angel groups, early stage venture capital firms.  Exposure and follow-up are the keys to raising capital.

Kugarand Theory of Investing
is based on a formula for success.  For every angel investor that buys a unit of your offering, you need to have three small business investors considering it and engaged in some level of due diligence.  To have three potential investors seriously consider your investment opportunity, you need to have at least 15 small business investors exposed to the opportunity.  Events, videos, and other programs increase your likelihood of getting the investment you seek.

The purpose of the business plan review application or qualification step, is to identify business model flaws and provide an early stage capital funding strategy and other venture capital consulting services for companies raising venture capital or who want to find angel investors. Our review process identifies obvious obstacles to funding such as: 

 Incomplete financial and/or business plan (market/sales strategy, operational information, barrier to entry not established)
Complex or confusing message within the capital investor documents regarding business model or angel group investment opportunity
Structure of the offering, perceived cost of the investment relative to a high valuation or unclear exit and return to the small business investors
Inexperience or incomplete management team, and/or attitude of management conveying a sense of entitlement or resistance to advise & counsel
Specific industry focus or niche marketplace that limits the potential number of small business investors and access to early stage capital

Find out if you qualify to present at   There is an application and presentation fee.  After completing the application, please email your business plan, executive summary, and investor presentation.  We offer discounts for early applications.

Contact LAUNCHfn by clicking here Now.

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