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Serving Entrepreneurs & Investors since 2004
Discount Media Buying Program for Entrepreneurs

We are a full-service organization, with a special program designed for companies raising capital to pay for national advertising and product roll out. 


Media Fund Capital

  • All forms of media adverstising available
  • Website Banner Adds and Relevant placement
  • Print advertising - general to niche magazines, newspaper
  • Television & Cable advertisments on 24 hour cycle
  • Unique product placements in DIY programs
  • Digital and Traditional Billboards 

Ideal Branding & Awareness

  • Advertise to drive customers to website or specific store
  • Measurable outcomes
  • Can advertise offering bulletin in Financial newspapers
  • Grow your brand recognition

Discount Program and Flexible Payment Terms

  • Discounted off of standard rate card for same advertising. 
  • Portion of the discounted amount is paid up front at time of ad buy
  • Remaining portion of the discounted amount is paid through revenue stream
  • A line of credit can be given that enhances the balance sheet
  • Some very unique ad slots are not available for discount (Super Bowl for example)
  • Ad rate is based on a blended 24 hour cycle
  • No exclusions, other than specifc smaller regional media
  • Excluded media can be purchased at full rate card.