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Since 2004 LAUNCHfn has worked with companies to advise them on obtaining the appropriate early stage capital for their stage and direction, and helped entrepreneurs develop effective small business funding strategies.   The companies listed here have directly benefited from LAUNCHfn's Access to Capital System.  The capital received by these companies as a result of the advice and counsel of LAUNCHfn, strategic introductions relative to their business strategy and equity and debt sources of capital.  The total capital received by LAUNCHfn's clients totals well over $60 Million since 2005, has led to the creation of over 200 jobs and a combined revenue and economic contribution of over $150 Million.    Please feel free to ask Karen Rands, our President for the back story on any of these companies and for any new additions that have not yet made it to this web page or needed to remain private and not available in a public forum.  Please also visit our testimonial page to see the comments provided by some of these companies regarding our expertise and our outcomes from an engagement. 

Startup & Emerging Growth Companies
Connected to Capital & Strategic Resources

Tender Care Beds Logo

TenderCare Bed's core product is a patent pending furniture-style headboard / footboard set for hospital beds in private homes and long term care facilities.  Quite simply, it is a cosmetic enhancement to the unattractive construction ofa functional hospital bed.  They manufacture their innovative bed "slips" and a full line of matching bedroom furniture designed for discreet but accessible health care equipment in the United States and sell direct on the internet and to commercial extended stay care facilities and hospitals. 

Real Professionals Network logo

REAL Professionals Network, LLC (RPN) is a membership network for independent commercial real estate companies that helps them make and keep more money. 
Members subscribe to an online web environment for secure lead exchange and referral management, but also deepen relationships and trust with their referral network by attending monthly member meetings.  RPN received needed capital as a result of LAUNCHfn's advice and counsel and has since expanded into multiple markets and launched the beta of their mobile/internet app. 

Magnus Health

Magnus Health offers an online solution for the ownership of individual’s health and medical records information.  They have a turnkey way to collect and maintain medical records for single authorized access by individuals and medical professionals.  Their revenue streams come from individual memberships and corporations offering the services as a benefit.  This solution empowers the individual to be in control of their information, regardless of relocations, incident location, changes to insurance provider, or health care provider.  Magnus Health participated in LAUNCHfn's SPEC event where they met a strategic investor.   Now the company is off and running with growing revenues.  Listen to CEO, Chaz Scaratino describe his company, opportunity and experience with LAUNChfn's Access to Capital System.


GenGreen has created the largest online database for green businesses and organizations in the United States.  In just a few years they have captured over 250,000 listings, growing by on average 300 listings a day, and over 20,000 registered users with around 160,000 unique visitors a month that access their data through their open access platform. As a result of LAUNCHfn's connections, GenGreen shifted their business model to create multiple mobile applications providing access to their data, including an iPhone app. They also created an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows their database to live within other websites, generating licensing and ad/share revenue streams with such integrated user environments as National Geographic.  GenGreen received critical capital and strategic resources that set the stage for GenGreen's rapid expansion and ability to attract Millions more in capital.


Esmeralda Holdings, Inc.:  Is the American holding Company responsible for the internationally recognized Esmeralda Distillery, based out of Northern Spain. It has clients spanning three continents, four countries, and four US States.  They produce an award winning premium Gin and Absynthe.   They are rapidly expanding their US market through the growth of strategic distribution channels.   LAUNCHfn through an NBAI investor provided capital to finish out their A round of finance.




Brainwave Studios - Brainwave Studios’ vision is to build a successful and magnetic entertainment company that utilizes technology to provide kids and their parents with high-quality, culturally relevant, and morally enriching entertainment options.  They have produced a unique online gaming environment called "Just Call Me Harvey" that launched publically in mid 2009.  It provides a rich environment for grade school children to create music, and learn through online gaming.   LAUNCHfn through the NBAI investors participated in bridge finance that enabled a successful launch and marketing campaign.


Chain Reaction Ecommerce -is a leading supplier of commercial open source ecommerce software, branded as CRE Loaded, which provides comprehensive, customizable web store software for online companies.  CRE worked withn LAUNCHfn on a capitilization strategy that included an angel investor round of finance before seeking early stage venture capital financing.   LAUNCHfn worked with the Network of Business Angels & Investors (NBAI) membership to create a term sheet that fit the capitalization strategy.  NBAI members led the round with other investors through LAUNCHfn's investor network participating.   With that needed capital, CRE was able to build strategic alliances, joint ventures, and complete needed enhancements to their offerings that increased their valuation so that they qualified for $5M investment from Atlanta based Venture Capital Firm, Total Technology Ventures.   Listen to then CEO, Michael Valverde's, talk about the growth of his company and his experience with LAUNCHfn's Access to Capital System.    


P2P Cash - provides a proprietary secure methodology for delivering assets of value between two wireless devices.  They are building international networks that will distribute free eWallets to over 100 Million P2P users. These eWallets are compatible with the format used by Microsoft, Quicken, CheckFree, and cell phones. A logical market focus is the simple process of sending cash overseas, but P2P extends that by enabling the recipient that may not have ready access to a bank, but does have access to a local retailer and with the use of their phone as the mobile eWallet to collect the cash that has been sent.   Capital from NBAI came at a critical time for them to secure their relationship with large Latin America and Asian cellular companies.   Additional access to critical resources and investors from within LAUNCHfn's network has led to access to capital on a global basis.
Trackside Nights: With all of the fame and growth in recent years of the NASCAR culture, the fan has been left out of the lime light.  Trackside Nights, LLC (TSN) has developed the first fan based reality show  and social web site dedicated to the life, culture and dreams of the NASCAR fan. With TSN's "Chase Girls" as the hosts of the shows and interviews, TSN travels to the NASCAR races and films the tailgate parties, produces live award based games, condusts live interviews with fans, pre and post race.   Fans become subscribers and have access to fresh fan self-video additions, race videos, news, parties and fan participation in the games and prizes. Trackside Nights came to LAUNCHfn after having invested a great deal of their own money as founders and realizing the need to bring in additional capital.   As a result of participating in one of our investor events, they got a strategic introduction to a fund that committed all of their needed capital and to one of the old guard families of NASCAR that through their endorsement behind Trackside Nights endeavors and opened critical doors to them leading to their market success.
Reliant Healthcare, LLC develops and operates modern  behavioral health facilities associated with large acute care hospitals.  Reliant has identified a group of markets in the southeast that has a demonstrated demand for inpatient psychiatric services because the services have been removed or reduced as a result of regulatory or government budget issues.   Their first operational facility is in Waycross, GA and is generating over a $1M in annual revenue.  Reliant came to LAUNCHfn seeking investors and long term financial partners to open up additional facilities in targeted markets in the southeast.   Through our network we were able to connect them with a large real estate investment fund that developed a 5 year plan for the rollout and development of 5 locations.


MicroTechnology International, provides eCommerce Solutions for retailers that also have online sales environment, specifically  with eBAY and eBAY ProStores.  MTI brought a 7 year history to in the retail and supermarket industry, and broad industry relationships with IBM, CDW, and others to the table when they partnered with etail giant eBay to delivere an unique solution that seemlessly integrates the offline retail operations with the online etail operations so there is one operational framework to reconcile sales, manage inventory and execute marketing and sales promotional strategy.  MTI has worked with LAUNCHfn over a 3 year period, getting needed capital and resources including angel investment from NBAI members, business strategy, business planning, and PR for product launch and marketshare.


ID Rank Security serves the IT Security, Telecommunications Industry with DOD level security across the enterprise from network nodes and workstations to mobile devices.  Id Rank develops authentication & security products for secure communications & access in the rapidly growing VOIP telecom industry.  Founders of ID Rank Security credit LAUNCHfn with not only providing access to capital that led to angel investment from the NBAI membership, but also with coaching them on their messaging making them more effective in raising capital with other sources and in being effective at maximizing their output for the capital received.   LAUNCHfn's network also provided access to key resources and connections with potential customers.


Tego  Tego brings breakthrough technology of programmable passive RFID tags to the market.  Using a proprietary use of semi-conductor memory, Tego has broken the barrier to data storage on a non-powered, passive RFID tag.  Current passive RFID tags hold only a business card size amount of data.  The Tego tag holds a magnitude more, comparable to a phone book worth of data....the difference of kilobits to kilobytes of data.  Initially the application for this is in the aeronautics industry, but as word has spread for this breakthrough technology, uses have been identified in the medical field, nano-technology, defense industry, consumer safety, and automotive. Based in the Boston area, at the time, this was the furthest distance for the NBAI investors to syndicate with another angel group to finish up Tego's A round of financing before converting into a Venture Capital led B round.   Tego returned to LAUNCHfn to gain further Access to Capital and additional investors from our network participated in the B-round. 


VYSTAR - Vytex – Vystar offers the unique process to create VYTEX, a natural, non-allergenic latex.  They are creating a whole new segment by reducing the potential toxic nature of the natural latex allergins so that all things elastic can now have an organic solution rather than a petroleum based solution.   VYTEX will be able to go ahead with Spandex as an organic, yet less costly, alternative.   With pending FDA approval for use in surgical gloves and within medical facilities, Vystar's VYTEX will soon become a household word.   Besides providing access to capital through the NBAI members and other associated angel investor groups,  LAUNCHfn provided strategic advice and counsel at a critical time when Vystar had hit a wall in their capital raise.   As a result of our creative problem solving and capital strategy, Vystar was able to raise new capital and attract repeat investment from current investors.   LAUNCHfn also provided strategic resources in their legal counsel, interim CFO and most recently the company that took Vystar public on the OTC BB.   To hear the CEO, Bill Doyle, tell the Vystar story and discuss his experiences with LAUNCHfn, click here (second half of the recording).


Software – Healthcare Industry  Emerging Growth Company eLifeCare offers medical provider networks an efficient outsourcing solution for paper and data management, while significantly improving their cash flow.  Proprietary Dashboard creates loyalty and viral market acceptance.  They received critical capital from multiple private investors to bridge the gap between rounds and as they implemented their first customer. 


Technology – CAG for Industrial Green – Emerging GrowthTricycle uses the power of high resolution graphics to replace millions of pounds of carpet and other design sample industrial materials shipped and disposed of each year.  They received private investment that provided a bridge to their larger venture capital round. 


Technology – Homeland Security - Pre-Revenue ScanTech Holdings  offers a breakthrough in xray technology and were named #1 Homeland Security Technology sponsored by Defense Departments in Washington.  After raising millions of dollars from their sphere of influence, they turned to LAUNCHfn to help them bridge the gap between rounds as they were delivering their first prototype to the market.   Multiple members of our angel group participated in the round.

Dais Analytics
Dais Analytics, Inc.

LifeSciences – Nano-Technology – Emerging Growth Company- Dais Analytics commercialized their nano-fiber technology for many industrial uses.   They received an initial angel round of $500,000 and a subsequent institutional round of $10,000,000 after participating in our investor pitch event.

KidSmart KidSmart offers a unique smoke detector that plays a pre-recorded message from the parent as a warning to the child and is proven to be safer for families.  A group of NBAI investors came together to invest time and money into KidSmart and help them move to the next level.  After being showcased on Good Morning America, their new found national attention led to expansion in the marketplace, rebranding and ultimately the sale of the company to a larger consumer products company.

Nature's Popcorn

Nature's Popcorn, branded in stores as Rasta Pop offers organic flavorful popcorn available at many retail outlets.   As one of our first clients, LAUNCHfn's founder Karen Rands worked hand in hand with the CEO to develop their messaging, help with a friends and family round, perfecting her investor presentation and improving their business plan that ultimately led to the introduction to a fund manager that tapped into a local community development fund that invested their full raise amount, built out their board of directors, and brought needed management to the company so they could execute effectively as they began to roll out nationally.

Strategic Services Provided in exchange for Equity

ATR Wireless









Light Media Holdings
Light Media Holdings





Esmeralda Holdings:  Distilled alcoholic spirits
Esmeralda Holdings: Distilled alcoholic spirits

Working Capital Loans provided through LAUNCHfn's Lender Network





What does Jonathan Bragdon, President of Tricycle have to say about Launch Funding Network?
As a presenter at the NBAI Investor Meeting and recipient of funding from the NBAI community, Jonathan says “It was a very good experience for us. We have done a number of VC presentations, other angel groups. LAUNCHfn and NBAI had great participation from qualified investors. One thing that is different about this event than others is usually the event is over when the presentations are over. LAUNCHfn follows up and is known for following up with the investors. They talk to investors, potential investors, and us. So make sure the information flow is there, because one meeting is not going to do it. It is the follow up that makes the difference."
To see and hear more testimonials about the quality work LAUNCHfn provides their clients through their strategic early stage venture capital services, please visit our Testimonial Page.