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New Wealth Creation Strategy - press release

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New Wealth Creation Strategy For Investors

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With the Stock Market and Real Estate Market in flux, Investors join the Network of Business Angels & Investors as Private Equity Investment Rises as the New Wealth Creation Strategy.

With the real estate market softening and the stock market in turmoil, high net worth men and women are re-discovering the value of diversifying their portfolio with investments in private companies before they go public or get acquired. One organization, NBAI, is leading the way in this trend toward private equity investing by offering education for those new to angel investing and by providing a forum for wealth creators to consider qualified private equity investment opportunities. Two companies recently received funding

Atlanta, GA, (PRWEB) August 14, 2007 -- The Network of Business Angels & Investors (NBAI) has provided the Atlanta community of high net worth individuals a forum for making private equity investments for 14 years. Since 2005, under the management of Karen Rands, NBAI has partnered with the LAUNCH Funding Network to pre-screen companies and to help those companies syndicate with other angel investor groups. As a result, the members of NBAI have invested in 10 companies in 2 years, making NBAI the most active angel investor group in the south east (PRWEB news release).

The latest companies to receive funding from the NBAI investors are ID Rank Security and Micro Technology Inc. ID Rank Security offers a suite of network security products that protects data at rest with encrypted hard-drives, military grade security on transmission of data at 10 Gb without any degradation of performance, and comprehensive management of the secure operation and use of computers, mobile devices and other devices connected to the network. Micro Technology Inc has successfully collaborated with eBay to bring their Brick-N-Click product to market. For the first time, small retailers can completely integrate their on-line e-business with their traditional storefront business, managing inventory, product promotions, accounts receivable and back office operations with one product. Both companies have growing revenues and are still open to private equity investment. Information on both companies can be found on the LAUNCHfn website under Portfolio Companies.

NBAI hosts private equity forums every 6 weeks with 5-6 companies being approved to present to the audience of accredited and sophisticated investors. With a national focus, NBAI is expanding through syndication with other angel investor groups and establishing chapters in other areas of the country. Accredited investors are invited to visit the websites listed to learn more about joining or attending an upcoming forum. Sophisticated Investors wanting to plug into the Network of Business Angels & Investors exclusive community for high net worth individuals looking to get involved in the high stakes game of angel investing can RSVP to attend one private equity forum before becoming a member. The next Private Equity Investor Forum is August 15th in Atlanta. This event will be followed by forums on September 25th, and November 7th.

Companies wishing to apply for consideration to present to this group of investors can register and complete an application at the LAUNCHfn website. Companies wishing to learn more about how to prepare for and attract investor money can subscribe at

MORE ABOUT THE NBAI MEMBERS: The members of NBAI are walking billboards for Robert Kiyosaki's right side quadrant (Cashflow Quadrant) of business owners and investors. By buying shares of many private companies that will someday go public or get bought at a higher valuation, they create passive income. With the softening of the real estate market for spec investment, private equity is returning as the darling of sophisticated investors that understand the value of buying at wholesale and selling at retail to create desired passive income. Sophisticated investors often use the stock market, with average returns over time of just 8% to 13%, to park their money until a better investment opportunity comes along. By putting a portion of their portfolio into private equity investment, although risky, NBAI Members anticipate returns of 4X to 10X the original investment. The risk associated with private equity investing has been the biggest obstacle for most potential high net worth investors. Having a community to learn, collaborate and prosper is imperative for those investors wishing to enter into the high stakes world of private equity investments and NBAI is proud to announce they have openings for new members and new chapters.