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An Opportunity For Professionals
Who Love To Network
and Want to Help Entrepreneurs

Seeking Independent Marketing Representatives
LAUNCHfn is seeking Independent Marketing Representatives through out the SouthEast to represent LAUNCHfn to the business community.   We will equip you with marketing tools so you can introduce our superior system for helping small businesses grow and for finding the right capital to fuel that growth.   You will be rewarded for finding growth-oriented companies. Our system is targeted to small business start-up and established entrepreneurs seeking to raise at least $100,000 or more


A Rewarding Opportunity in Business Development


Imagine you control a large sector of a metro area in which you are located as an Independent Marketing Representative (IMR). You attend weekly networking activities, collect business cards, and host a weekly 30-minute on-line Presentation called: “Skyrocketing Your Business To Success!”  Its easy, convenient, and packed full of new information that will benefit those you invite.


You control your schedule...which networking meetings to attend, when to schedule presentations with your prospects, the follow up leading to the prospect's registration with LAUNCHfn and ultimately their purchase of a Business Evaluation or Full Business Assessment and other products and services from LAUNCHfn.  There are thousands of ambitious young entrepreneurs in your market who will thank you for introducing them to LAUNCHfn.  



The rewards for you are both immediate and long-term.


          Earn Fees For Networking

Earn Fees For Every Prospect Submitted and Bonuses for volume


Earn Commission on every sale LAUNCHfn makes to your prospect


Once an entrepreneur submits a business registration form, that entrepreneur is assigned to you and added to your client list. We expect entrepreneurs will purchase products and services, particularly over the first few months. As your client list grows, so does your potential for residual income – thousands of dollars a month!


You will want to “enhance your relationships” by simply staying in touch! This may mean sending emails, inviting entrepreneurs to networking meetings and events of interest to them, referring them to new sources of information, etc. You will enjoy watching them grow to meet the challenges of achieving their entrepreneurial dreams.

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