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Entrepreneur Events! The "Art of" Workshops

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 Entrepreneur Events!
Workshops cover various aspects of raising capital and creating wealth with successful growth and exit of a business. 
The Money Hunt:
"VRRM VRRRM...How to Get the Money You Need
and Accelerate your Time to Market" 

Next Date:  TBD

Full Day Workshop to be followed by Entrepreneur and Capital Community Networking

  • The Capital to Grow any Business Comes from just 4 places - Learn What they Are and How to Get the $$
  • What investors REALLY look for when comparing investment opportunities
  • Difference between Angels and VCs
  • Difference between Lenders...they are not created equally
  • How the Government can actually help you get MORE funding
  • The Secret Role of the Business Plan & the Power it Contains to GET you $$$


10: 00 to 5:30 at the Hub Atlanta
Networking to follow 5:30 to 8:30, included in the cost of the workshop

The cost for the workshop is $79 for and includes a 30 min one on one consultation with course instructor, Karen Rands. 
Coaching session will be scheduled the week following the workshop and
will build upon the knowledge gained in the workshop and how to apply it specifically to the attendee's busines.

To get more info and Register to attend, Click Here


Hub Atlanta is located at 318 Cherokee Ave, Suite 104, near Downtown Atlanta

 Unable to attend this event?  Another "raising capital workshop" will be scheduled for April/May 2012 at The Hub Atlanta

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Launch Funding Network Announces the

"Art of the Exit" Workshop

Coming in Summer 2012
Workshop will cover the following:
  Exit Options in Today's Market
  Selling Your Company to a Strategic Buyer or Private Equity Fund
  How to Keep Key Employees in Place
  How to Prepare your Company to get the Maximum Value
  How to create a Buzz about your Company
  Real Life Stories from Entrepreneurs Who Have Exited

If your business is growing and you want to sell it or go public with an S1 filing in the next 2 years,
this is an event you won't want to miss.


Past Topics:

"Show Me the Money:  Keys to Attracting Investors to Your Company" 

  • The secret to selling and closing investors on your business opportunity
  • What investors REALLY look for when comparing investment opportunities
  • Crafting and Perfecting your Elevator Pitch
  • How to beat the odds (only 19% raise all the capital they seek) and raise the capital you need
  • Understanding the Types of investors and their role at Different Stages of a Company's Development
  • The Secret Role of the Business Plan & the 4 Questions That Must be Answered to Garner Investor Interest
  • The Capital Funnel: What it is, Why it is Important and How to Make it Work for You
  • Pitching Investors - The Structure of a Good Investor Pitch and the Real Goal of any Investor Presentation
  • What to do in each type of meeting you have with investors
  • How to Structure your Offering and the Legal Side of Raising Capital



"Art of the Pitch" Workshop
To Be Scheduled Spring 2012
Workshop will cover the following:
  What goes through an investor's mind when you are pitching
What are the different types of pitches and when are they most effectively used
The secret to delivering a memorable fast pitch that will draw investors to you
How to penetrate the sub-conscious mind of an Investor
How to make your Elevator Pitch an Effective Tool when Networking
Secrets to using your Elevator Pitch to Attract Customers, investors and partners

 All of the details and link to register and pay can be found here