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Webinar on "How to Pitch to Investors"

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How to Pitch to Investors? 

Complimentary Webinar


Learn how to prepare and pitch your private equity offering to investors with Karen Rands, Managing Director of The Network of Business Angels & Investors.

You'll Learn:

*  How to Improve Your Paradigm for Attracting Investors
*  What is the Hunting Protocol with Investors
*  Understanding the Stages of Capital
*  What is the Difference Between Subjective and Objective Investors
*  Understanding the Role of the Investor
*  The Cost of Raising Capital
*  The Goal of the Pitch
*  Five Common Mistakes Made By Entrepreneurs
*  The Most Important Things to Cover in Your Presentation
*  The Anatomy of the Pitch
*  How to Prepare Your Strategy and Documents for Investors

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What did attendees of the last Webinar have to say:

"Thank you for the webinar, it answered so many questions for my company. I am currently working with Joint Capital Assistance and they are basically doing everything covered in the webinar for us, though at times I do email and send postal mail to major companies, so for my personal mailing it definitely helped. It was very helpful and informative. I am definitely interested in attending more webinars. May Christ Bless All" - Jason

"I attended the online webinar on Saturday.  I fully enjoyed it, and I know that you really understand every nuance of this process." - Joseph

"I appreciate your effort. I think you have one of the most insightful presentations in Atlanta area on the subject. I also give you credit for stressing the point, investors are different today. I think, the investors anthropology is especially important issue in the changing financial landscape." - Mr. K. Spasokukotskiy

"This was great, you said some very important things all companies seeking that first stage of capital raising process needs to hear. Great Job" - S. Roberts

"Thanks Karen.  I finally got to here your presentation.  Very informative.  I should have my subscription agreement soon.  If you know of some attorney that do that, please let me know.  thanks" - R. Jones

"Thank you.  It was extremely informative and led to a better understanding of raising capital." - L. Malkoff

"Thank you! It was a great presentation" - R. Nihalani

"Thank you for allowing me to participate.  I did enjoy it.  I also learned
that I am a long way from being in a position to raise money from
investors." - M. Kirby

"Great Webinar!  Glad I attended. Thanks!" - K. Hochburger

"Karen, good presentation. Thank you" - S Konstantyn