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Raise Early Stage Capital & Attract Angel Investors
for your Business with LAUNCHfn's Access to Capital System.

Attract Investors from an extended network,
present to Small Business Investors at the

NBAI Investor Meeting

"Where Innovative Companies Connect with Investors and Capital"

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Select the appropriate application below to get started.

For COMPANIES Who Have RAISED $500,000 Or MORE
Qualify for the Forum by completing your Funding Application for $199*.   Click here.
There are additional participation fees.

Qualify for the Forum by completing a Business Plan Review for $997 $497*.  Click here.
Your Business Plan Review provides an in depth written analysis of your business plan regarding optimizing it for investor interest, a consultation session on an appropriate capital strategy with an industry expert, and potential fast path to enter the LAUNCHfn's Access to Capital System.
There are additional participation fees for optional additional consultation and investor relations services.

Not sure if you are ready to apply, schedule an initial consultation and learn more about getting started with LAUNCHfn

Complete Your Application Today and Get Connected with Our Funding Network!
For companies who have raised $500,000 or MORE

Funding Application
For companies who have raised $500,000 or more and have a formal PPM; you know how to raise capital.  This is a prerequiste for participating in a private equity investor forum or any other investor relation services. This application reviews your business model and determines the likelihood of whether or not your structured offering will be good fit with our funding network or the NBAI Private Equity Investor Forum before you make an additional investment. 
The cost is $199*.  

Full Business Plan Review
For companies who have raised LESS than $500,000

Just like going to the doctor for a “check up”, the Business Plan Review process  and Business DNA assessment is your company “check up”.  Through this review and assessment process we can determine your “readiness” to meet with investors.  Even if you believe you are "ready", we need to ensure that your message is clear and the investor or business community can easily determine the likelihood of a return on their investment.  This is a small investment toward your success, before you spend more time and money chasing after angel investor capital that you may not be qualified to receive. The cost is only $497, but valued at well over $1000.

This is a prerequiste for participating in a private equity investor forum or any other investor relation services offered by LAUNCHfn. This review is for companies who have raised less than $500,000 through their own efforts.

What if I am not sure about doing the funding application or business plan review right now? 
Then Schedule an Initial Consultation Call with an experienced early stage capital consultant to explore your options, click here.

What are the other costs associated with participating in an angel group event and the LAUNCHfn strategic venture capital consulting services? 
Click here for detailed description of LAUNCHfn's capital services and pricing.
Register to attend the next "Art of Raising Capital" Workshop to master the skills needed to be effective at raising capital as a start up or early stage company.
* There are additional participation fees depending on the services selected after the review.