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Top 8 Killer Investor Presentation Points

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By Karen Rands

About The Author

 Top 8 Killer Investor Presentation Points
Investors are people just like you and me.  They want to know 'what is it in for me'. They have money to invest because they have successfully earned enough income to put them in the top 5% of the wealthy.  They are motivated to invest because they want to give back with the experience and money.

Your first presentation should be no longer than 8 - 15 minutes.  Back up charts and other visuals can be used to expand on a point.  Use our Top 8 Killer Investor Presentation Points as a guide.                                                             

1.  Opening Remarks

2.  Mission Statement

3.  Market Opportunity

4.  Description of Product or Services

5.  Management

6.  Marketing Strategy

6.  Capital Needs

8.  Closing Remarks

1.  Opening Statements

Opening statements should be concise and to the point. Introduce yourself and any other members of your management team who are present.  If possible, have one of your creditable investors speak for a couple of minutes on their personal insight as to why they invested.  It should not be an investor who is a close relative or is part of the management team. 

Get excited and have passion about your opportunity.  Create a buzz about your deal, so that investors will spread the word about your company to other investors.

Comment:    Give a concise and professional overview that gives investors attending some insight as to your organizational skills.  The tone you set for the presentation is critical. Be professional, but find some areas where you can add some humor without being a comedian.

"First impressions are very important."

2.  Mission Statement

In one or two sentences, state the mission of your business.
3.  Market Opportunity

In a short paragraph, demonstrate to the investors the specific market opportunity or need for your product or service.  Be specific with how many actual products or services can be sold and in what time frame.

Sample of Opening & Mission Statements

Good afternoon, my name is Tom Jones. I am the founder and President of XYZ Corporation.  Assisting me today is our CFO, Richard Smith. 

Accelerated use of latex gloves and latex covers for medical devices to protect against infectious diseases over the past two decades has resulted in as many as 17 percent of healthcare workers affected by latex allergies.  A greater risk is with the general population that is not aware of the allergy until they come in contact with latex during a medical procedure.  XYZ has identified the cause for the allergy and has determined a process for making latex virtually non-allergenic. 

We have a contract to distribute our process to 72 countries and are raising $500,000 to fulfill the contract.

4.  Description of the Product or Service

4.  Describe what product or service your company sells.  Keep it simple.  Don’t bring up technical or confusing information.  Details are usually brought up in later meetings.  It is important to be specific on the product or service’s unique value to customers and why your company is different from the competition.  It is imperative that you show how your company will attract customers who will purchase what you are selling. 

5.  Marketing Strategy

Many companies who have had good products and services did not become successful.  One reason is to clearly identify your company’s marketing strategy.

Talk about the value of your strategic alliances and partnerships. Investors look for aggressive marketing as a key component to success.  Therefore, choosing a marketing method is critical to achieving your success.  Will you be marketing directly or use strategic partnerships and alliances?  This is vital, since the cost to market directly can be very costly.  Using strategic partners, alliances, or resellers could be a much more valuable marketing and sales strategy.

     "Create a buzz about your deal by being articulate, passionate, and with complete understanding of your opportunity."

6.  Your Management Team

Describe each key person who is important to making the company successful.  Most investors recognize that having a management team of friends and relatives is usually not a good idea and could be a critical mistake to the company in many ways.  

Assemble the best talent you can find, with strong managerial skills, and explain to the investors why this management team, under your guidance, can lead the company to success.

If your management team is not in place, it is vital that you at least identify key personnel who will join your business at some future event or date, (such as after funding has been obtained).

"Investors are attracted to people who have been successful
in other businesses."

7.  Capital Needs

It is very important to outline the need for funding and why your company should be considered for an investment.

Understanding the importance that each investor is very interested in how you are going to spend their money.  Demonstrate exactly how your company will prudently spend the money. 

Be sure to have an easy to understand, detailed month-by-month written use of funds that backs up what you say in your presentation.  In a summary format, reveal the use of funds and projected salaries.  Investors look favorably on first year salaries of $40K - $60K tied in with some performance clause.  Investors usually don’t want to pay for high salaries.

8.  Closing Statements

Be sure to say 'Thank you' to the investors for their time and invite them to an demonstration, a visit to your facility, or to an additional meeting with more in-depth information.

The gold is in the follow-up.  Keep investors informed about your progress in an investor relations campaign.  Ask if there are certain areas they would like you to address.  When possible, get their feedback on what they liked and any concerns they may have.

"Practice until you can deliver the presentation by memory."

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