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LAUNCHfn is a consulting services company that works with entrepreneurs and emerging growth companies to identify the appropriate type of capital they need and to develop a strategy to obtain that capital.   The capital formation plan may include debt, equity or both, and execution strategies that include the strategic resources that help the company grow.   Connecting companies with alternative financing and strategic resources is part of the every day focus.   When a company is ready for the private equity capital markets, our primary focus becomes developing an effective investor relations campaigns which uses a high-tech high-touch method for identifying qualified investors and communicating the unique investment opportunity the company presents.  Through our alliance with the Network of Business Angels & Investors (NBAI), during the past several years, LAUNCHfn provided access to capital 47 companies ranging in investment amount from $30K to $1M, totaling about $24.4 Million in investment dollars.   Further, we have helped companies connect with strategic service providers of HR services, strategic planning services, accounting and financial services, public relations, sales and marketing services, interim management and with alternative lenders for purchase order financing, receivable financing,  SBA loans, and debt restructuring.



LAUNCHfn by the numbers:


LAUNCHfn receives inquiries from entrepreneurs every day.   We are rapidly becoming one of the top destinations on the internet for companies seeking capital. Over the years we have developed a large database of entrepreneurs.   These are companies that have been referred to us or found us through our internet marketing initiatives.   We have over 3000 companies which receive newsletter and email notifications regarding events and other opportunities.   We have over 4000 in our investor community database which receive our email communication of company updates and events.   The LAUNCHfn website receives over 400 individual visits a week.  Our conversion rate of inquiries and registrations is about 10% and we continue to improve our retention and conversion rates.  



Sponsorship Opportunities:

If your target market includes high net worth individuals or fast growing early stage companies, LAUNCHfn offers a unique opportunity to expose your company and its services to this audience in a subtle, yet effective way.   We bring high net worth individuals active in private equity investing together to consider investment opportunities in qualified, hand selected companies.   We have various types of sponsorships to help you grow your business by exposing it to a targeted group of emerging growth companies and the investment community, and show your support for our private equity and entrepreneurial growth initiatives:


Depending on your level of sponsorship, you will be posted on the main page of the website, credited at the beginning of the Compassionate Capitalist Radio Show and included in the email correspondence, giving you terrific exposure for your company and your products and services.    



Annual Corporate Sponsorship

Cost for Annual Corporate Sponsorship $3,500

This level of sponsorship receives the most long term benefit because of the sustained exposure to small business and emerging growth enterprises, with the further market awareness because of our interaction with the investor community at large. It is exclusive for your industry category.

Benefits as Corporate Sponsor:

§         Announcement of  your company as a corporate sponsor in a specific email blast to our entrepreneur and investor community.  The email will include information about your firm, specific products or services you would like to emphasize and your contact information.   

§         Listing of company name and logo on as a corporate sponsor with a brief description of company and offerings.  Introduction at the events.

§         Inclusion in the event overheads and handouts as a corporate sponsor.

§         Company marketing materials made available to all attendees.

§         Annual renewal gives you 12 months of exposure to our community of 19,000 entrepreneurs, investors, capital community, business owners, strategic resource providers, and potential joint venture partners. US. 

§         Inclusion on all appropriate emails to the entrepreneur and investor community as a LAUNCHfn corporate sponsor.  

§         Mention at the start of the Compassionate Capital Radio Show as a Corporate Sponsor to gain immediate access to hundreds of live listeners and thousands of listeners that download the segments from iTunes and Blog Talk Radio. Opportunity to be interviewed on the radio show each quarter.

§         When you have your own special event or new product offering, we will send out an email invitation to the appropriate segment of our list based on specified interest or geography. 

§         No cost to attend any of our investor events and workshops. May bring 1 guest or potential client to any meeting at no cost.

§         Preference in referrals of LAUNCHfn clients to service providers


This level of sponsorship is ideal for companies that serve fast growing companies or the wealth community and want to establish a national presence for their products and services.    Sponsors who have benefited from this type of exposure are:

Law firms  Executive Search Firms   Internet Marketing                
Strategic Planning     Insurance firms   Office Leasing           
Lenders   Training Firms      Accounting Firm 
Executive Coaching   HR outplacement     Consulting or Marketing


Often these firms will buy advertising in business newspapers and on the internet.   We bring the value of both worlds with passive web posting, and proactive communication about your company in our regular correspondence with your target market of entrepreneurs and investors.

Investor Pitch Event and Workshop Event Sponsorship


Cost of Event Sponsorship $300-$500.  Event sponsorship is limited to one sponsor per business category.  (If already a corporate sponsor and you want specific dedicated time to talk about your firm or product, then you can sponsor an event for $200)


Benefits as an Event Sponsor:

§         Listing of company name and logo in email invitations and communication regarding the event. 

§         Inclusion in any press releases regarding the event.

§         No Cost to attend for two representatives and a guest (value $50 to $200 depending on the event you are sponsoring)

§         Company hand outs can be added to the event packet.  Specific information regarding company, logo, and contact information will be added to the event packet.  

§         Opportunity to have brochures or other information available at the attendee check in table or at their seats.

§         One page regarding the company and its offerings will be included in the Presentation as part of the welcome and that rolls and repeats during the networking portion of the event

§         Inclusion in event specific invitations and follow up emails (3-4 emails)


This level of sponsorship is ideal when you want to make a strong impact on the local Atlanta and SE business community.   It is also ideal when you want to introduce  or educate the community on a specific product or offering.



Workshops Facilitation & Sponsorship:


Cost for these workshops will vary depending on the structure of the workshop, the location and the type of refreshments offered. You can provide the topic and content, or sponsor a workshop we have put together:


As a corporate sponsor, with a facility to host the meeting and refreshments provide:   $500 or ability for us to charge admission

To host with a facility for the meeting and refreshments provided through LAUNCHfn:   $1000 (can be less if we are able to charge for admission)


If you have an interest in sponsoring the series or hosting more than one event, we can negotiate prices that reflect the long term commitment.


This level of sponsorship is ideal when you want to establish yourself as an expert in the field and are conducting a seminar or workshop.   You will receive the exposure and impact of driving attendees to come to your event, plus the larger exposure of the entrepreneur and investor community that may not attend, but now know you are an expert in that field.  The focus area is  the local Atlanta and SE business community, however we can work the package to include pod cast and/or recording the event for future dissemination for an modest additional fee.   This  ideal when you want to introduce  or educate the community on a specific product or offering.


All inquiries regarding sponsorship can be directed to Karen Rands at info AT