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Launch Funding Network
Announces Success and Momentum
The Launch Funding Network, in partnership with the Network of Business Angels and Investors, has successfully hosted 9 Private Equity Investor Events since March.  We average 17 investors per meeting, with a total of over 90 distinct investor or investor representatives who have attended one or more of our events.   Of the companies that have presented their investment opportunities, all reported some interest from investors.  Our follow up process provides the companies insight into the clarity of their message and helps move the investors and entrepreneurs through the investment process.   
  • Two companies that initiated their search last year, closd on their funds earlier this year through out contacts.
  • Three have completed their funding have reported that they have closed on funding.
  • at least two have received term sheets and entered into final negotiations
  • one received a letter of intent pending due diligence
  • one has investors money in escrow 
  • two have gone through extensive due diligence and negotiations with investors and are awaiting decisions 
  • and one is in final stages of closing their round as a result of lead investors from NBAI

Highlights of Presenting Companies (Profiles available on request):

Optivia:  Medical product company with a device designed for the OB/GYN medical segment.  Significant investment has been made and they were seeking to complete their first outside round investment. Investment offering was closed at the end of April. 

eLifeCare:  Medical software and IT environment company with an installed customer base, and growing revenues.  They have a well seasoned management team and are seeking growth capital. Offering a Convertible Note with Warrents. UPDATE:   Continuing to expand their business.   Moved beyond their initial bridge financing to a $5M PPM offering, effective 10/05  

Metabolic Testing Services:  Medical testing products and services company with revenues seeking expansion capital.  UPDATE:  As a result of their participation in our event, they are working with an investment group on closing their funding.

Executive Entertainment Media:  Media distribution company seeking working capital to close on revenue in pipeline.  Continue to add original content and distribution contracts.  Seeking working capital to deliver on the contracts and set the stage for future aquisition of other midsize companies in the entertainment space.   UPDATE: Recently closed on Dave Networks and Sony Entertainment as strategic partners.   Signed new content contracts.

Dais Analytic Corporation:  HVAC environmental product company seeking to close an B round. UPDATE:  Repackaged by Investor from our event as a nano-fiber company.   $1M bridge financing was arranged, leading to a registered offering expected to be released as OTC at the end of October.   They have two term sheets for PIPE financing.

Advanced Technology & Research (ATR): ATR is an emerging growth company focused on improving the usability of computer applications through the integration of speech, GIS and multimodal capability. Their software products and solutions allow users to interact with existing data systems in a natural and efficient way. Solutions are being deployed in homeland security operations at Hartsfield and other major installations. ATR is seeking its first outside round of funding. UPDATE:  They are in negotiations with several funders.  They have a term sheet from one VC for the full amount of their raise.

Irrimax: Founded by an emergency room physician, the company launched a wound irrigation device in June 2004 to meet the needs of hospitals for faster, safer, and more effective wound irrigation. The product replaces current antiquated methods. The company's product portfolio is based on two method patents, which have been successfully protected against infringement twice. The product has achieved widespread clinical acceptance and was recently approved at Grady Memorial. The product is distributed through Cardinal Health. The company is seeking its 2nd round of financing for mass-market commercialization. UPDATE:  Company has raised half of its round and is seeking to close the round through prior investors.

Construction Market Consultants: CMC provides business intelligence and demand generation sales solutions to the A/E/C industry. This would include architects, engineers, commercial general contractors and subcontractors, building product manufacturers as well as building material and equipment suppliers. Through their interactive business development solution, "Metro Development Resource" they provide the construction and contracting market with a unique tool for growing their business. Self funded to date, they are seeking an active investor familiar with the business and marketing intelligence market and/or the construction and contracting market.

Sports Fan:   A very early stage company that has developed a unique process for imprinting leather and cloth with licensed collegiate logos, specifically focused on the Game Room suite of products. They have orders pending from Bed Bath and Beyond and a special engagement roadshow with Sam's Club as well as a number of boutique retailers.   Seeking working capital loan and private equity investment  UPDATE:  Closed on the initial Round A and are fulfilling contracts with Bed Bath and Beyond and other retailers.   Will be seeking expansion capital later this year.

Star Software Solutions:  An established software and services company in the government sector, reported $5.6M in revenue last year.  Located in Warner Robins, Star qualifies for NMTC. Since their inception in 1999, they have experienced an average annual growth rate of 222%, receiving the honor of GA SBA's company of the year and hitting Fortunes fastest growing small companies list at #142. They seek capital to expand their software offerings and expand into the education sector. After investing close to $1 Million and 12 months to complete development of their suite of ASP based products for the education sector.  Have already established a pipeline of 10 customers for the new Education offerings.  UPDATE:  Star is restructuring their offering and will be entering into a capital campaign in early 2006.

Balanced Certified Golf:   A consumer product company bringing high tech to a loved sport.   Their after market and pre-manufacturing products allow a golfer to moderate the weight and handling of the club to create the "perfect" swing.   Seeking to finish a round of funding for marketing and inventory expansion.   UPDATE:  Closing their round through Atlanta Investors

RocKnot:   An established software company with a software suite specifically built to address a gap in the software for managing data and call centers.  They have a captive audience of over 10,000 customers.  UPDATE:  Have entered into serious discussions with at two separate investors from the event.

Green Valley Entertainment:  Movie production company seeking investors for the movie, Kiss of the Sun.   KOS will be an art-house genre movie so that it has cross group appeal.   The "viral" marketing strategies will ensure momentum for the film before it has its theatrical release.  UPDATE: Multiple interested investors from the dinner, initiated syndication from fellow investors to complete the minimum raise amount.  Money being held in escrow.

ProNvest: Fundamentally, ProNvest is a registered money management firm. With their use of technology and strategic relationships, they are rapidly gaining traction as the best solution for online secure activation and modification of contributed retirement plans. With the acquisition of Signix and the strategic alliance with Sunguard, they are poised to take their $20 Billion under management and grow that to over $50 Billion before year end. They are seeking expansion capital of $4.0 M. They qualify for the NMTC investment incentive programs.  UPDATE:  They have raised $500K of the $4M they are seeking. 

Brown Technology: A start up company with a repeatable self-diagnostic platform via high speed motion analysis and photo electric sensory for athletes to quantitively manage their own improvements and for coaches to manage and predict their players. Numerous strategic relationships are in the works that will lead this company to profitability in a short time frame.

IdleAire: This Company has solved the problem of trucks idling for extended period of times by providing a window mounted unit which delivers HVAC, show power electricity, satellite TV, and Internet access. This is a series C raise of $5M t $15M UPDATE:  they have closed their round and are now offering a $50M bond.

Carbon NanoProbes:  This start up company has invented a process for automating the manufacturing of Carbon Nano Probe tips for Atomic Force Microscopes.  This will revolutionize an already dynamic and rapdly growing industry.  They are seeking a round A of $750K to lead launch and implement their patented system.  UPDATE:  they have a term sheet from a fund in Pennslyvania to develop their business model and help them launch their manufacturing facility.


Nutrition Systems:  A start up company with experienced management.  Offering a solution to the one consistent challenge of every diet:  prescribed or vanity.   A convenient scanner to capture the data on the foods eaten each day, then uploaded to a web based profile system.  Seeking an active investor to contribute time and money to complete the launch of the company.

ScanTech:  ScanTech designs, manufactures, markets and services E-beam and X- ray systems. It is a global enterprise managing core non-intrusive irradiation technologies well positioned to exploit opportunities in the Homeland Security inspection market as well as food safety, environmental remediation and pharmaceutical sterilization. This ATDC nurtured company has pending customer contracts valued at over $100M Their technology can tell the difference between water and nitroglycerin in a plastic! Company seeks to complete an expansion round. 2004 Revenues: $700K, Invested: $3.3 million (private), Funds Sought: $10M, Use of Funds: Commercial deployment, marketing/sales. Pipeline is valued at over $200M.

American Wellness Diagnostics:  This company has developed a unique concept for sleep disorder and wellness diagnostics.   Currently have 5 locations and is seeking capital to expand to 15 locations.   Two locations are in Georgia.  

One Link 4 Travel (OTCBB:OLKT)
is a provider of integrated global distribution and financial settlement services to the travel and tourism industry. Through its technical, commercial, and contractual design, the Company has created a unique opportunity for non-air travel suppliers of all sizes to sell their own products on a pre- paid basis through travel agents world wide. Projected revenue for YE 2006 is between $42M and $46M This is a great opportunity to learn how innovation continues break barriers in the travel reservation world. Company seeks a PIPE placement of $2M


DKL International is a leading provider of passive human detection technology and related products have the capability to detect humans at great distances through a variety of barriers and all weather conditions. DKL's products utilize a patented selective polarization filter that detects the unique ultra-low frequency electric field generated by a living human. Company seeks growth capital for sales and marketing and to bring other detection products to the market. Target customers are shipping and port authorities, border patrols and immigration, public safety and emergency response. 2004 Revenues: $110K, 2005 Revenues: $167K, Capital Raise / Percentage: $500K to $3M Pre funding value of $3M Company seeks to build out management team and ramp up infrastructure to respond to growing pipeline and recent contract with China.

BoldAir is a company that will revolutionize air travel. If you have ever enjoyed the travel of a luxury private jet, or ever anguished over the inefficiency of commercial travel, then you need to review this opportunity. Imagine a world where executive travelers could book a single seat on a private jet using their usual travel booking system....then you have BoldAir. Invested: 150K, Funds Sought: 2M for management build out and initial syndication of target routes.


We have investor profiles available for each company listed above, simply email us with your request.  To see pictures from the past events, click here. To request the investor profile for any of the companies which presented, please send an email to and specify which company.

We will continue to host one investor event a month.  We will conduct industry specific events based on market demand.   We plan to have quarterly "big events" like Do the Deal each quarter in 2006.  We welcome investors and their representatives to join us.  

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