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Serving Entrepreneurs & Investors since 2004
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LAUNCHfn helps companies obtain capital to grow their businesses. 
Our Funding Network is extensive  and our relationship with the 
helps us uniquely connect early stage companies to capital. 
The Process to see if you qualify to participate in a
LAUNCHfn Capital Campaign program is simple.

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STEP ONE:     Register your business
  • Complete the Business Registration Form (click here).
  • It only costs $20, and takes less than 20 minutes to complete.
  • You'll get a phone consultation with a qualified Capital Consultant to discuss your funding needs. 
  • You will leave the call with valuable insight into the funding process, explaination of  what investors are seeking, and a recommendation on your next steps.  
  • Based on this initial interview and consultation, the Capital Consultant will direct you to the appropriate program within LAUNCHfn to connect you to the capital you seek.
STEP TWO:    Apply to be considered for a Capital Campaign
  • Before we can introduce you to our Funding Network, we need to review your business plan, financials, and investor documents.   A qualified analyst with many years experience in raising capital will assess your readiness to meet with investors and conduct additional interviews with you.  
  • The analyst will come back with a Green Light and propose a Capital Campaign to you, a Yellow Light and recommend you complete the Full Business Assessment before proceeding, or a Red Light and recommend you complete the Full Business Assessment and complete other fundamental activities to ready your business for investors. 
  • The Full Business Asssessment is valuable to any business but may not be neccessary for companies ready to meet  with investors.  With the paid Full Business Assessment, you'll get an indepth analysis and written report regarding your executive summary, Business Plan, business model, marketing strategy, HR and Management team, financial reports, and funding/capitilization strategy.  
  • The Capital Campaign Application is simple to complete and only costs $197.
  • If you want to skip the Registration and initial consultation because you believe you know you are ready for investors and have passed scrutiny elsewhere, then please feel free to begin with the Capital Campaign here now.

STEP THREE:    Approved to begin a Capital Campaign

  • Our team goes to work for you to begin the Investor Relations Campaign.  We develop a funding strategy that identifies the target investors and develop key messages to reach out to that  target type of investor.  
  • You Capital Campaign will include a combination of targeted phone calls and emails to specific investors in our Tier 1 Funding Network, and email announcements and invitations to the extended Tier 1 Funding Network.
  • Your Capital Campaign may  include one-on-one meetings with investors, participation in the NBAI Investor Dinner or other group investor event, a custom investor dinner specific to your opportunity, and conference calls or video broadcasts to investors. 
  • Additional services provided in your Capital Campaign may include the Business Assessment, Corporate Review, Preparation of an Investor Presentation, Preparation of your Due Diligence Binder, modification of your business plan to make it Investor Ready, Coaching for meetings and presentations with investors, and creation of the Investor Profile to be sent to the Investor Community.  
  • Capital Campaigns may be targeted and last only 30 days.  On the other hand, because of the nature of your business, the targeted investors, and the amount of money to be raised, your Capital Campaign may last as long as 6 months.   That is all determined through the application and interview process. 

If you want to skip the Registration and initial consultation because you believe you know you are ready for investors and have passed scrutiny elsewhere, then please feel free to begin with the Capital Campaign here now.

Please Note:   If you are not ready for outside investment, you'll waste your time and money chasing investors' dollars.   AND, LAUNCHfn will also lose credibility with our funding network.  It is in both of our interest to make sure you are READY for a Capital Campaign.   The Capital Campaign Application is the common ground with which to determine your likelihood of attracting interest from the LAUNCHfn Funding Network without further work and preparation.   Acceptance into a LAUNCHfn Capital Campaign is not a guarrantee that you will attract the capital you seek.  LAUNCHfn's founders and strategic partners, such as NBAI, have a better than average track recording of connecting companies to capital, however industry averages state that less than 1 in 5 companies seeking capital ever obtain it.   

 In the event that you do not qualify for the LAUNCHfn Capital Campaign program and to participate in an upcoming Private Equity Event, you will have a written response to your application on what is needed in order for you to qualify.   You can choose one of three options:

  1. Attend the web broadcast of Access to Capital Boot Camp that provides all the ins and outs of attracting capital and building a validated business that investors want to invest in.   The web broadcast is on demand and therefore can be viewed 24 hours a day, 7days a week.  To learn more, click here: 
  2. Complete the Business Assessment and get a full analysis of your business plan and business model.   From the written reporty you can decide to "do it yourself".  
  3. Hire other professionals:   You can take our report to other professionals and have the work done to correct any business or operational structure issues. 
  4. Hire LAUNCHfn:   We will bring our team of consultants and alliance partners to the table to build your business so it can scale and to establish clear strategic plans that will enable you to execute on your business model once funding is achieved.   We have creative financing so that the cost of the services can be incorporated into the capital campaign and into the implementation fees.

When you have completed the work required to validate and ready your business for capital, you can return to LAUNCHfn for reconsideration at no additional review or assessment charges.   We will provide you with the cost for the Capital Campaign and participation in the appropriate private equity events.