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Tap Into LAUNCHfn's 'Access to Capital System'<small><small>TM</small></small> to Reach Early Stage Venture Capital Investors, Small Business Investors, Angel Groups to Find Angel Investors & 1000s of Business Funding Sources including Working capital loans. Kugarand Capital Holdings is the leading strategic advisory and investor relations firm helping entrepreneurs prepare for and obtain early stage capital. KCH rolled out the LAUNCHfn 'Access to Capital System'TM in 2007 and has proven to be an effective system for entrepreneurs to connect with early stage venture capital and small business investors.   The CEOs that engage LAUNCHfn to be strategic advisers to them attract more early stage venture capital and small business investors for their business quicker than those companies that seek to find angel investors and meet with angel groups without the benefit of our knowledge, experience and our vast network of early stage venture capital sources and private equity funds.

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LAUNCHfn's "Access to Capital" TM

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LAUNCHfn is directly connected to the Innovative Investor Network. Forged from the legacy of NBAI, considered the most active angel group in the Southeast and recently named by Inc Magazine as one of the top 50 angel investor networks in the United States of America.  The Innovative Investor Network is a group of small business investors that have provided early stage capital to emerging growth companies.  They formerly met in Atlanta on a regular basis to see presentations from qualified companies raising early stage angel investment and venture capital. This group is going in a new direction in 2012. They will come together with committed capital to consider opportunities that have been fully vetted and evaluated by a broker dealer that than can then take the deal and syndicate with other investors to raise the full round of capital the company is seeking.  

The education and access to capital system provided by LAUNCHfn is estimated to have helped over 60 companies attract $25,000 to $5 Million in capital totaling well over $100 Million. We estimate over 500 jobs have been created as a result of the knowledge, expertise and access to capital we have provided entrepreneurs over the years.  

"Where Angel Investors and Early Stage Venture Capital Connect with Innovative Companies"

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Get Started Now:  Register for an hour consultation to discuss your strategy for raising capital, review your documents and messaging and provide recommendations to increase your odds of success. At the conclusion of the call we will discuss the services or programs that LAUNCHfn offers that will help you be successful in your launch, growth and access to the early stage capital, private small business investors and alternative lending sources so you can fuel your company's growth and save time and money in the process.  LAUNCHfn offers venture capital consulting services to entrepreneurs to develop their capital strategy by preparing them for the appropriate capital and then connecting them with that capital.   

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Our funding resources include:  private equity angel investor networks, early stage venture capital, accredited small business investors, institutional finance, early stage capital,  capital investors, angel groups, early stage venture capital firms, PIPE funding sources, working capital loans, purchase order finance, business lines of credit, and other forms of small business finance.   Please visit our services page for more information.


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Programs include event sponsorships to full corporate web and social media sponsoring.  Sponsor the Compassionate Capitalist Radio Show and get exposure to thousands of entrepreneurs and investors on a weekly basis. 

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